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The status quo is the same. You want to change it which will have an impact on your income. Plus she stayed home for ten years. Like a few other men with the same beef were told, you cant fix a problem you had a hand in creating. The system may be broken but its not broken in cases like yours.

And before you get upset, my partner made $25,000 for two years because the economy collapsed and his employment field disappeared. His ex (who makes 100 grand) is now arguing he was under employed (while freely admitting his income was that low during their marriage), should pay cs at the highest income hes ever made, should pay cs for a kid who isnt even eligible, should pay for expenses she refuses to disclose properly AND his kids refuse to speak to him because poor hard done by mom is taking a beating from him. He will have to pay at least ten grand in legal fees and the kids expenses by the time this is over. THAT is where the system is broken.
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