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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Did you not have this step down/transition to working put into your agreement? Are you still working on the agreement that you can do that?

It doesnt matter what your plans were while married, you set up a situation where you made a high income and she stayed at home. Now you have set that standard. You can try to quit and go into real estate but she can argue you are purposely underemployed.
I have a step down in the spousal, it steps down every year for 6 years.

If she can argue that I'm underemployed that's fine, but if she is easily capable of making $60k and she is only making $10k then how does her argument trump mine?

The same holds true, it doesn't matter that we got divorced, she is no longer a stay at home wife, she has 6 months of the year to herself and won't work. If this is how our system really is then I understand the high suicide rates, I was there for a while when we first split.

She won't even let my kids get vaccinated, among other things, so if I have to build a case to show she is unfit and unstable I could do that too.

Very frustrating! She doesn't clean my house anymore, but I have to pay for hers.....what a joke.
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