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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Like the others said, cs is the right of the child and you and your ex cant bargain it away. Regardless of how you live your life now, the children would have enjoyed the full benefit of your income had you not divorced and they are not to be punished as a result of the split.

That's all fine and dandy, but my long term goal even while I was married was to make extra money in real estate so that I can stop working in camp. This will cause my income to rise substantially and then when I make the move to quit it will make a fairly big drop. According to the "rules" I'm never allowed to choose a pay cut, despite the fact that my ex refuses to work in the field that she went to college to do. She used to make good money but now refuses to work at anything more than a part time job that pays next to nothing. Why can't I choose to quit working in camp, quit missing out on half my kids life, and still be able to support them at a lower income? WITHOUT being handcuffed to the higher salary.
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