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Originally Posted by Acadia71 View Post
She went on vacation to BC and left the kids with me, she is just looking out for herself. I know how most people likely think I'm an asshole for posting this but I have my reasons to be frustrated.

I'm sorry but the system is a joke.
And someday you will go on a vacation and leave the kids with her.... Pretty standard stuff.

Lucky kids to have 2 parents who love and care for them.
Instead of being bitter that your ex is living well (which is the best revenge they say b.t.w.) look at it that your children are living a decent lifestyle.

I always took a vacation by myself or with friends and left son at home with his father (or grandparents). My ex used to have a great time going on trips to Vegas or Reno or golfing with his friends.

What your ex does now with her life isn't really any of your concern. Your only concern is that your children are healthy, happy and well-cared for. You have to let the bitterness about your ex and her lifestyle go or it will eat at you and then even your kids won't want to be around you. Hopefully you aren't griping about their mother to the kids...
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