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CS is what CS is. It's just math, and the fact that children are supposed to have a quality of life, spread across two houses, that is based on the total income of the two parents. When you have one parent who makes so much more money than the other one, even offset with 50-50 looks a lot like full table CS.

All you can do is make sure an income is imputed to her, so she has less incentive to sit around unemployed.

Are you using her imputed income to determine her CS for the offset calculation?

Also, CS should be reviewed and updated every year, not after three years. What's going on there?

Your situation is one in which the greater fairness of the half-offset method becomes obvious. Is it too late to try to switch to that?

If she knew you were making $200k to $250k already, you should be glad you got to start at $144k. And it also sounds like SS ends after six years? That's a big thing to look forward to.

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