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Child support is technically the right of the child... the more you make the more you pay... hey I get it... it sucks... it sucks when you work hard and the ex reaps the benefits as well... when my husband and his ex divorced he made 1/4 of what he is making now... over the past 7 years he has worked hard (and I have pushed him) to enter a career that he now loves and is making money... every single year his ex has reaped the benefits of his hard work because CS is for the children. A parent doesn't have a right to sign away CS... sure she could agree to a lesser amount but she could also come back and ask for the correct amount down the road...

CS is pretty black and white, not much you can do about that unfortunately. Your only discussion point will be SS. In my opinion if you try to go to court to lower CS to below guidelines you will end up paying full CS plus her court costs

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