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Originally Posted by Acadia71 View Post
I get a little bitter when I go to her house and she is doing a huge renovation with no income then offers to SELL me the leftover linoleum she has.......why would I want to pay for it twice?

I'm only human. I apologize for that
Court looks at what sort of lifestyle children would be enjoying if parents stayed together. It's not their fault that their parents fucked-up and separated.

Go ahead and try to reduce your support by intentional underemployment or unemployment. Your ex will get the best lawyer that money can buy and nail your ass to the ground. You will have arrears that will never leave you and when you come to your senses and get a job again you will find that MEP Alberta has garnished your wages (yep even if you are a subcontractor so don't even think about it).

10 years is not a long marriage. You can/should have a review built into it. If your lawyer didn't do this then get another lawyer. Your ex and you are young. Your ex is young enough to retrain to re-enter the workforce. If she doesn't then it's not your concern, all you need to have in place is gradually increasing wage imputation on her. A competent lawyer will guide you on this. Spousal support range for your circumstances are not indefinite. Having children though is a long-range thing. Hopefully your children will go to university and you should make financial plans for that. A good argument is that you want to take SS payments and redirect them to children's education fund. This way you still get the tax benefit and have knowledge that children's education is getting funded. What plans does your ex have for the children's university education? A good question to pose to her at some point.
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