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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
if you make 2 x what you made at separation then you will, indeed, pay more - child support guidelines.

Did you have your SS amount determined through trial or did you consent?

How many years were you married and how old are you and your ex?

Selling your things to your siblings for $1 is a one-way ticket to hell unless you like the idea of putting them through aggressive litigation. Yes, maintenance enforcement can and will go after them if they are hiding your assets.

A $300,000.00 home? Where does one buy one so cheap nowadays?

I consented to the spousal support. I'm 38, she will be 37 shortly. We were married 10 years......I agreed to too many years of spousal as far as I'm concerned.

The home is in Cold Lake Alberta. 30 year old single family home. List price was $315k, I haven't checked actual sale price yet but regardless, she should be virtually mortgage free.

So what happens if I just quit my job, or conveniently get fired from it?

She is capable of making $60k for sure but chooses to do basically nothing. How do I get out of this?

I'm all for supporting my kids, but they don't need $1800 per week spent on them......I don't spend that much on them, not even close.

The system is ridiculous.
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