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Default Child support based on actual expenses

I have been separated for 10 months and I'm paying a disgusting amount of support to my ex wife in my opinion. $5100/month

We based the numbers on me making $144000 and her starting and 0 and stepping up $60000 over a 6 year period.

Spousal support in year 1 is $3121 per month and by year 6 it drops to $1427.

For child support we also used the imputed incomes but it will be up for review at the end of year 3. For year 1 I have been paying $2033/month, it drops about $100 for year 2 and 3 then we review it.

In reality I always made about $200-250K per year, and this first year should be no different. I'm buying real estate at a very discounted price and it should cash flow very well.

My ex is educated but refuses to work in her field, she mostly wants to sit around and pretend she is some kind of spiritual being. She took $240k in cash out of the divorce and bought a house for $300k. She isn't suffering any.

Hopefully that is enough of the background is my question. At the end of 3 years when we review child support, there is a very good chance that my income will be at about $300k, hers will be closer to $30k.

That gives us a differential of $270k, and if I'm using the tables right it will mean I have to pay her $3707 per month......I refuse to pay $3700 per month, I work in camp and have my kids on all my days off. Regardless of my income I don't believe that my ex needs that much money to have my kids for 2 weeks out of the month. That's absolutely disgusting. I will actually pay MORE in the fourth year than I am in the first year.

Could someone please give me some suggestions on how to deal with this? My plan is to keep very good track of what it actually costs me to keep the kids for the 2 weeks of the month that I have them. Then I would be willing to pay that much at most. Keep in mind that she will still be getting about $2300 per month in spousal at this point in time.

Other options that I would like to avoid would be quitting my job, selling assets to my sibling for $1 and just being a bum.....or fighting it in court until the lawyers get rich.

Hopefully someone can give me some suggestions, I'm so sick of paying for everything, and I have 5 years left. I don't work hard so that my ex-wife can live a better life. I already earned the money to get her a house which should be free and clear right away, I'm done!

Thanks in advance.
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