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Post secondary is grey and theres no case the same as the other. The standard is one degree with kid paying 1/3 and cs if they live at home, cs for summer if not. Proportionate share of net expense of two thirds.

That said, depending on incomes, education plan, expectations before divorce, education of parents etc its a crap shoot.

If you have a good relationship with your kids it isnt a big issue. If you dont then you need to have some language in your agreement including: expectation that proof of enrollment, transcripts, and OSAP (loan) details will be provided in a timely manner; expectation that child will attend school full time; expectation that program of study is in line with career goals; details on child support; and, details on calculations.

If your kid is going to school simply for some letters then telling them they can take five years is ridiculous. There are summer courses and intersession to make it up. If they have a legitimate program that will take five years (like an MBA or HBA) then thats reasonable.

The bottom line though is that it doesnt matter what is in your agreement, your ex could still come after you for more. My partners agreement says 22. Hes battling over paying more years because kid frittered away her school. Ex is claiming health reasons.
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