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Desperate Dad, sorry I never replied, I have to take a break from this at times to wrap my head around it all. I now have a meeting with my lawyer next week and I'm doing some research on my own time on spousal support/entitlement.

So, as far as he's disclosed he receives $3800 a month tax free so not eligible for tax credits. As far as I know, it's only income he receives and will until he's 65 unless he's deemed healthy enough to go back to work. He happened to mention to my daughter the other day that he was applying for some other disability (CVC or something) not too sure exactly what but that may get him an additional $1000 per month. He wants to buy her a motorcycle. Yes, that is right, he hasn't paid me a penny of child support yet feels he can buy her a motorcycle.

Anyway, I make just over $100k a year, yes, I've worked 25 yrs, started at $30k, have worked hard, worked my way up and have never been unemployed. His disability is grossed up to about $60K. Between kids house, paying debt, lawyers bills, to put it mildly, I'm struggling financially.

We've figured out equalization, now I will owe him $289K, based on his share of house and my pension. Now, this week his lawyer advised that he expects a cash payout of the equalization, not a pension rollout. I don't know how they expect me to come up with this in cash. As far as I understand, I will discuss with my lawyer, I can pay him out any way I choose so he won't have a choice but to expect majority from pension rollout.

Now, from what I've read, SS is not necessarily based on entitlement alone or income disparity. In our case, I have kept matrimonial home, although still in both our names. It is a very modest 35 yr old 3 bdrm home, nothing extraordinary and requires renos which I cannot afford at the moment.

Regardless of whether I keep the house or have to sell it and move, I will have to pay minimum of $1500 per month for either rent or mortgage to have a place for me and 2 girls. My ex lives in a duplex home that is leased by his brother's company as it doubles as company office when they do meetings in the city which is not very often. That said, they charge him $750/monthly for a room but he has the whole house to himself. And he pays no utilities. I know they say people should maintain same standard of living as when they were married but truth be told, there's no way my ex could maintain a home. I've already heard of cleanliness issues where he's living. Luckily for him, he has a very supportive family who will do anything for him and should his disability ever stop, I have not doubt that he will have a place in his brother's company.

I absolutely cannot understand how any judge would expect me to pay mid range SS in this case, but that is what they are insisting on.

Any more insight/advice before I meet with my lawyer?
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