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Originally Posted by 1ati2de View Post
I'm sorry to hear about your situation, no matter how you cut it this is wrong. You are a pretty strong individual and I respect you for keeping it together.
My biggest beef is actually with the system, not the result.

I think that:
  • There should be hard rules for SS, similar to CS. None of this "SSAG" crap. None of this scrubbing through Canlii looking through previous court cases.
  • There should be mandatory arbitration by a government civil servant to come up with a divistion of assets, to decide costody (50-50 as a default), SS, and SC. No lawyers allowed in the room.
  • If you don't like the answer, then you can appeal to the courts. But there should be a strong presumption that the arbiters ruling is correct. You can't just go because you don't like the result. The arbiter would have had to have made an error.

The system as it stands, is as heart wrenching and abusive as possible. It lacks transparency, takes far too much time, and destroys lives. No one but the lawyers benefit. Seeing the divorce rate in this country, it's a disgrace that none of our politicians even addresses this.

Note that I may not like the results, but if the rules were clear and in writing, I would at least know them and be able to complain to my local MPP, MP if I wanted to.

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