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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
This is scary to me. Why can't SS just be for a transition period until the ex can find a job. Why cant there be a time limit?

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being poured in to getting women back in to the workforce after separation, regardless of age. I referenced the government projects in another thread. These programs build leadership skills, job skills and assist them in obtaining employment. Their ex isn't their parent or sugar daddy. I get SS if it's temporary while the OP finds work and/or gets back on their feet...but not until 65 and not being able to change jobs, being threatened jail and no license. That's insane.

Do these ex's have developmental disabilities? I don't understand why they refuse to use the programs put in place by our gov't to become self sufficient? It's starting to remind me of those who play the welfare system.
With my Ex I have found work for her doing the same job and she refused. My lawyer found her three jobs the same day of questioning, she agreed she had more than enough experience and flat out refused to get a job or even entertain getting a job.

My lawyer also stated that because the 65 rule I might have to take a life insurance policy out on myself and she is the beneficiary.

My case came to an end the beginning of last year and never knew this was in the works.
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