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Originally Posted by ifonlyihadknown View Post
I have to work and maintain my SS payments until at least 65, if I don't, my wages are garnished, I loose my driver's license and passport, and I can go to jail. I can never choose to work part time, retire early, or to try and find work in a different field that I might find more rewarding. If I'm ever out of a job, I'm finished.
This is scary to me. Why can't SS just be for a transition period until the ex can find a job. Why cant there be a time limit?

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being poured in to getting women back in to the workforce after separation, regardless of age. I referenced the government projects in another thread. These programs build leadership skills, job skills and assist them in obtaining employment. Their ex isn't their parent or sugar daddy. I get SS if it's temporary while the OP finds work and/or gets back on their feet...but not until 65 and not being able to change jobs, being threatened jail and no license. That's insane.

Do these ex's have developmental disabilities? I don't understand why they refuse to use the programs put in place by our gov't to become self sufficient? It's starting to remind me of those who play the welfare system.
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