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Default can you or how to contact judge on orders from trial

Still battleing with the ex.

kids live with me in college years still and have been since seperation of 2012.

Trial was last jan. judge ruled in pension into her line 150 on all those years for cs.

pension was split from that date in 2012 in judges ruling orders from then on.
when other party wrote up orders on the judges decision,they didnt put any dates of cs paid to me and just the pension part being paid from 2012.

Well now i found out that the pension split is being paid out on top of the date of this year to back to 2012 .(this was calculated in the judges decision)

I never agreed to the way the order was written up and told them so ,(ex s lawyer) and they said well you write it up,so i sent them sample copies and they went ahead and just sent there orders in to be approved.

Now i am paying double from 2012 ,

Question and i really need to find out.---- can i request a meeting with said judge or do i do a motion to review the final orders that are written wrong and in favor of ex.
leaving me with no money..

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