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Originally Posted by tunnelight View Post
I believe it. I have heard similar horror stories from our child that they are being disparaged by mom and grandmother, and even beat by them and punished for expressing their love for me. It's nothing new to me.

The fact that the case is going for so long is a reason to grant you OCL involvement to have a neutral 3rd party review the situation and make a recommendation to the courts , not to prolong conflict. Further, y our OCL report is now outdated and you need a new one to reflect the present circumstances.

I asked the courts for OCL multiple times, and even brought a motion for it once. The biased judge basically said she wouldn't allow it as the OCL is eager to recommend joint custody and that's not what the judge wants. Mind you this was just the case management judge and not the same judge who would be hearing my trial. I was not granted a leave for my motion for OCL but was not ordered any costs for. My last lawyer stinked. Can't believe I didn't fire them much sooner when I started smelling stuff. I switched lawyers and my lawyer got the OCL involved by consent after threatening a motion and with the judge now (after the other parent also lost their lawyer) siding with me to get the OCL involved due to the case turning contentious. Sometimes you just need a good lawyer who has a good connection and reputation with the judge to properly present the circumstance to the court, and help you make your case to the OCL.

Keep firing back and pushing for the OCL. You love your child very much, and without their help, your child could be alienated from you. The other parent is not encouraging and facilitating contact with you, and is doing the complete opposite. The OCL refusing to get involved gives her even more reasons to do so, which is likely going to just backfire on her.
thanks tunnelight, just wondering if CAS can help in any way on our case, I know they wouldn't get involved in a custody/access matter but what if a child is emotionally threaten/abused by the custodial parent? Their role is to intervene only in physically abused children?
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