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Originally Posted by Heart-broken dad View Post
So, it finally happened: the ex has moved 700 kms away with our children. This comes after 10 years of on-going parental alienation where I rarely had a chance to see them. She didn't notify her lawyer, she didn't notify OCL, and we found out after it ws already done. My eldest is turning 18 in the fall, and I was so looking forward to them not being under their mom's influence. I don't think involving the authorities would make much of a difference, and going to court is not an option. I'm just sad that she still carries a grudge after 10 years.
That's so sad. I'll probably be in the same situation as yours in the next 5 years when my kids will still be young (daughter will be 16 and son only 10). My kids are heavily alienated since 5 years now and I still keep fighting to stay in their lives, my ex tried to loose track by moving to an unknown address last year so hiding where my kids lives (with her), at the end of the day we're just soldiers for our kids, that's our destiny. Keep on fight bro and keep on touch with your kids.
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