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Originally Posted by involveddad75 View Post
Well said Tayken.

I would contact the OCL and simply say thank you. And request a copy of both intake forms and copies of all documents they are relying on. Who knows the ex may have made a comment and or defamed you in the intake form which is why they aren't getting involved.

Under their rules they are transparent, and as this includes the process they took to make the decision to get involved or not get involved.

Good luck.
That's pretty much possible involveddad75, I will ask OCL to provide me with copies of my ex intake forms. So let's say if she defamed me in her intake form then what can I do about it? OCL still will not going to decide otherwise but the main problem remains, my kids are heavily alienated by their mom and grandma, without a clinical investigation it's hard for me to prove it, unless there is a different way to do it.
Okay , now, do I need a new order to appoint OCL again (we just had one done recently at our DRO conference endorsed by a judge then right after OCL rejected their involvement) or I just simply write a letter to OCL explaining the new circumstances arose (my daughter's refusal to come for access) since last time they rejected their involvement?

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