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Originally Posted by tunnelight View Post
There is a final custody order. Other parent has sole. I have access every other weekend, specifically Saturday to Sunday, and every Wednesday. Currently it is expanded to Friday pickups out of court. Wedsnesday pick up and drop off times are to be agreed upon so it's mom's way or hit the highway as of now. I have tried to just pickup from school but other parent didn't allow it at the school and spoke to the school and told them to not allow it, so the school spoke to me and said they would have to call the police if I showed up again. I checked their website and they are encouraged to contact the police if access parent shows up to pick up kids without a court order or consent of other parent. This was of course the supply principal who was filling in for the real principal who didn't know me and felt sort of emberassed after she learned I was volunteering in the child's classroom when she came to give me crap, and that I was a member of the school council and not a criminal. The real principal would have never spoken to me like that. Regardless, I clarified to the school I wasn't there to kidnap the child and just there to pick her up early for the Father's day weekend. You would think the other parent or the school wouldn't make an issue out of that and get the police involved on the father's day weekend. But sometimes, you would just be surprised about the type of greif father's are given due to the resentment and controlling behaviors of some parents,specifically a mom in my case.

I am following mom's rules to avoid creating conflict that would likely harm our child, as I patiently await for the OCL to make a recommendation for school pick ups and for the courts to order that.

Unfortunately you are basically screwed until you have the court order changed... seems you guys have stepped outside what was laid out in your agreement... that is great as long as you get along but as soon as you don't the agreement trumps any outside agreements you may have had. The school was also in the right to deny you pick up... I know it doesn't seem fair but think of it from their perspective... maybe you aren't a crazy parent but if they didn't have policies and just released children early to non constodial parents how many abductions would take place? Regardless of it you volunteer or not schools also have to follow court orders.

It's sad really that you have to go through this and hopefully you can get it changed in court asap but for the time being you either have to follow the court order which seems to be only every other Saturday and Sunday and Wednesday or you suck it up as much as you can and play by moms rules until you can get a new court order

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