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Originally Posted by Berner_Faith View Post
If you pick up from school how did she refuse? You went to be school and she said no so you left your children there? I'm not really understanding how this happened if exchanges are done at the school? I understand she may have been upset but if you were at the school they should have came with you. I don't know how OCL will view this because mom didn't deny you access if you left the children at the school. Many kids don't want to leave after school and would rather stay and play on the equipment but parents don't leave them there. It would have been a tough situation for sure seeing your daughter upset but I don't think leaving them there was the right thing to do...

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk clarify, last Friday school was closed , it was a PA day for teachers, so the order states that if school is closed for any reasons than the access exchanges shall be at the Mall, so when I picked them up (both) and to leave my daughter started to cry and to refuse to come with me, I tried to encourage her but no succes, she looked scared. It's first time since Feb this year when she refused to come.

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