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Originally Posted by arabian View Post

waiting for OCL involvement could take time
In the meantime is there someone who could accompany you for pick-ups?
No need for someone to accompany me as I pick them up from school and I drop them off at school Monday morning, problem is my daughter just started to refuse to come with me, she told me last Friday crying that she was threaten by her grandmom and her mom that if she continue to come to me than something very bad will happen. I never saw my daughter so frighten like she was last week. So I explained her that nobody is forcing her to come with me, that I miss them and I love them both and I will wait for them next weekend. I tried to get my son with me instead , he's only 5 but his sister draged him in the opposite direction, it was a very sad scene. I just can't stay and do nothing watching how my kids are threaten and emotionally abused. I just don't know if how OCL will react, I'm scared to deny involvement again and I can't afford a private assesor to activate section 30 of family law rules. I'm waiting on police report from last Friday children's refusal. Thanks Arabian for reading, just my heart is broken.....
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