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Originally Posted by standing on the sidelines View Post
I am thinking they wont get involved due to the length of time your case has been going on. They must feel that no matter what they say, you guys wont settle anything. Did you and your ex settling anything based on their first assessment?
yes, we've settled back on July 2015 based on OCL recommendations at that time, so since then things went from bad to worst in terms of access, slowly but surely my ex canceled on her own few weekends back in 2015, 2016 and culminating with my daughter refusal (all of a sudden) to come to access in February 2017. Then I filled a motion to restore access by taking my children directly from school and granted by a judge on Feb 23 2017 and a 2nd motion to change the final order. In the mean time I had asked OCL twice to intervene and they refused twice, last time they refused was at the end of July 2017. So since then access went smoothly with few hic-ups when last Friday my daughter (11 years old) refused to come with me, she looked frightened, she cried a lot. I asked her several times for what reason she doesn't want to come, and everytime she refused to tell me, but I insisted and finally she told me that she was told by her mom and her grandma if she continue to come to me then somethiung very bad will happen. I didn't tell the cops as I didn't want my kids to suffer beyond their suffering. So the cops provided me with an incident report confirming children's refusal to come with me, my son is only 5 and he was willing to come with me but his sister dragged him in a oposite direction. It's a very very sad situation that my kids are threaten and emotionally abused. So this new situation will move OCL to rethink of their decision? Do I need a new order to appoint OCL? Thank you for reading.
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