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Do you have a clause in your agreement that states you have the right to request information from docs and teachers?
do you need a special clause for this? if you have custody of your child is not assumed you can ask for this info and the organization has to give it to you?

Maybe it is all covered by her insurance. With mine and my ex partners insurance it must go through the parent with the birthday first in the year, and then if anything remaining go through the other parents. I dont think most plans are going to cover 100% orthodintics though, it is does seem suspect that doesnt want to give a bill, unless is just putting it through her own insurance first, and then will let you know what wasnt covered. I agree with the other poster, why not just send an email acknowledging willness to put the cost through your insurance but you must have the bill by such and such a date as you can only claim through insurance by a certain date?
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