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Originally Posted by DaveJ View Post
Thanks for the info Rockscan the other kids are in their teenage years and in high school. If my sister asked Fro to collect would this all end because they are trying to bring her to court for early october however I believe they will bring her in to mediation to intimidate her again instead of court on the court date. What happens if she asks for Fro to collect?
Sadly, FRO is only a first step. Probably what will happen is that when they approach her ex to set up payments, he'll tell them he's trying to end the payments and has an upcoming court date. FRO may decide to wait to see what happens before trying to collect anything. She may have to convince them that the children are still underage or still in school, or at the very least, to collect partial payments to address his CS obligation for only the underage children and the arrears.

Going with FRO wouldn't end her ex taking her to court though, and will likely give him another demand to add to his list. The way to end that is to either negotiate with him, or go to court like he's asking, and make a successful argument for why what he wants is wrong. But in the meantime, hopefully FRO would get some money out of him.
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