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Originally Posted by momto1 View Post
The problem is that the case worker and the 50% threat was over the phone, he hasn't gotten a letter yet. He had to contact FRO for a statement of his arrears for the real estate board because there was a discrepancy between his original realtor license registration (which he filled out over the phone with a RECO employee) and his renewal re; the child support arrears. The phone call is what set all this stuff in motion.

It's comforting to know they can't take aggressive actions.

Yeah, it varies a lot. The average payment is between $320-$400 per payment on a commission of about $1600.(his cut after his brokerage and other agent cut and this is on anything listed under 50k since it's base fee rather than percentage commission)Houses in northern Ontario are typically pretty cheap and as a newbie, he has to deal a lot with the lower priced land lease deals and rural hunting camps which are obviously much lower priced and has to drive as far as 3 hours each way to list them. He also has to set aside the 15% for taxes and the rest has to be able to cover his monthly realtor fees and insurance,gas, maintenance etc.

I dont even know what his monthly CS payment is supposed to be. He pays for two kids but he technically has had less than 15k/year income for the last 4 years while completing his courses and getting started in our previous town, then moving here for a better quality of life and starting over with building up his business in an area we actually plan to settle in. His arrears are currently between $7,000-8,000

Re; The house, So once we get married, is FRO than able to put a lien on the house then?

With this new information I think your partner may be in trouble. FRO Has clearly sent a garnishment order to his employer... if this is the case then yes they can take up to 50% of his income... $8000 in arrears is a lot to be in arrears, that seems like over a year of arrears unless his CS was thousands a month and he only missed a couple months... but if his CS was thousands a month I question why he quit a job to take on a relator job and make no money, especially in Northern Ontario.

My suggestion would be for him to get to court and have his CS adjusted to what his income actually is and he ready to explain why he took such a hit on his income (and I hope it wasn't to follow you because a judge won't be kind to that).

Sorry to say but from the additional information you have provided sounds like he has some decisions to make. Either have 50% garnished or find a new job where he can make a living. As for you, I won't give you relationship advice but I can say like Rock my husband went through periods on unemployment or little pay and still paid his monthly CS on time every month for two children.

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