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arabian will become famous soon enough

I read this and I feel like puking to be honest. I hope FRO puts the boots to him.

The man has children. He is responsible to make payment to help support these children.

Think of it like rent or your mortgage payment - you pay or you eventually get kicked out. Child support isn't supposed to be paid just when its convenient for you. If your man can put aside money for his gas and realtor expenses he can put aside his child support payments. He just has his priorities screwed up IMO.

If your man can't make a go of things with his realtor job then he should perhaps think of something else to do. Minimum wage jobs pay more than 15k/year. Actually a realtor's job provides enough time for your man to have another job while trying to sell homes. I know many who do this when they are first getting started.

Remember, not all of us can work in jobs that we "want" but rather we have to work in jobs that we "need" to do to put food on the table.
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