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Default Section 7 and tax credits

My SA states any sect 7 are payable after all tax credits are applied. Then split in proportion of income. Currently 44% me..56% ex-spouse.
We exchange financials each june and settle previous years costs using previous years credits. Simple right?!

My D10 is playing house league hockey this year. Costs are $800 registration fee, $400 team touny fee and $35 jersey plus misc costs. She is registered as goalie and may be entitled to a refund by league of $450 payable by februrary 2018. I say "may" as certain conditions apply to playing 10 out of 22 games, be full time goalie, etc but this shouldn't be an issue.
Equipment is bought and/or is loaned from the league.


1. Ex spouse is arguing that there are no tax credits applicable this year due to changes made by liberal gov.
I know she applies for any credit available but not knowing how much she's entitled too this do i calculate my net portion? Also do i apply these credits to all hockey fees stated above to determine my net 44% share? Are any of the costs where the credits shouldn't be applied?

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