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Sorry you are going through this. Divorce is tough and finances after divorce are even harder.

He should be able to talk to his case worker and work out a payment plan with FRO. To my knowledge as long as he is making payments they can't take aggressive actions. FRO has a set procedure they have to follow and I assume what he is receiving is one of their threatening letters. However it will depend on what he is paying... you state he is giving FRO 20-25% of his commissions, however that number can very greatly depending on the houses he is selling.

What is his monthly CS? His current arrears? Average he pays FRO each time?

As for the house, as common law he wouldn't automatically be entitled to anything, especially if he isn't contributing to the house. Once married however yes he would be entitled to a split of the house. Once married you two basically become one unit... his debt only comes into play if the marriage would to end but anything before the marriage is taken into consideration.

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