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Default Unrealistic offer to settle

So my ex just sent me an offer to settle. She wants me to pay guideline support for our daughter based on an income that is almost 10,000 more than I actually make. She wants me to pay retroactive within 90 days of over 16,000 based on an imputed income of 12,000 more than I make because she's saying I've been working "under the table" (which I haven't and she has no evidence of), and she wants me to sign saying that if our daughter decides to keep going to college after this program that I will resume paying child support and it will keep being paid until she has not been in school for a solid 3 years, then child support would terminate.

My daughter wants to start a new program again in the fall of 2018, but it's in no way even related to the first one. I don't even have a high school diploma, so I'm lucky to even make what I do today.

Is my ex on crack? Who would ever agree to sign an offer like that. It's not reasonable and it's completely unrealistic. Can she even ask the court for retroactive that far back, especially since she already signed a withdrawal form with FRO after our daughter was done high school agreeing she was no longer a child?

Any thoughts?
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