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If a child is still in school, in their first degree and under 25, he will be obligated to pay child support (if kid is at home) and a portion of the school expenses.

Even if the kids went to live with him tomorrow, he still has to pay the child support he owes. If the kids did go live with him, she would say she will take her cs out of the arrears he owes her. For instance, lets say she owes him $100 a month in cs. She could go 16 months paying nothing.

How old are the other kids? Has she thought about counseling to help them understand what is going on?

Make sure she gets everything from him in writing. Dont take calls, dont talk at the door, nothing. Tell him he can send her a text or an email and then she keeps everything. She can use that as documentary evidence that he is bullying her into an agreement.

There are so many issues and I hope she has a good lawyer. Her ex cant have arrears expunged if he has been working and able to pay. She definitely needs to find out why FRO is not collecting that money!!
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