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You're not really making much sense.

She has filed her originally order with FRO to recover money but then you say he is in arrears of $16,000. Has FRO been collecting or are they saying they can't find him or his company is not recovering money? If this is the case she needs to get on FRO to recover the money.

You say they keep sending her things to harass her. Are they sending letters or motions they have filed? There is a BIG difference. If they are letters she can either ignore or respond that until his arrears are paid in full you will not be negotiating anything.

Are they seeking mediation and that is what she is sitting down to do? She doesnt have to agree to mediation. She can simply say she is not negotiating anything until he pays his arrears in full.

Is the child still in school? Has the ex paid any school expenses? Does he still owe money?

Your sister needs to get a lawyer to help her through this. You cant come here saying the ex owes 16000 and keeps having meetings with lawyers. That doesnt make sense and people on here cant recommend info. Is she or is she not involved in a court proceeding? Does she have a court date? Has she appeared before a judge? What are the forms that have been filed? Has she requested financial disclosure?

All of this information is relevant. The ex SHOULD have been providing his financial disclosure each year to update child support. The ex SHOULD have been provided with expenses for school with full details on expenses. FRO SHOULD be collecting money from his paycheque and taxes.
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