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If he files motions she needs to respond otherwise she could have an order made in her absence.

What are his motions for? To stopchild support? Then she needs to respond that the child is still a child of the marriage and in school. To cancel the arrears, she needs to respond that he has failed to pay the child support ordered to him and she can request full disclosure of money.

If he is working and the company he works for isnt sending the garnished amount to FRO then she needs to contact FRO and speak to a manager or supervisor and have it investigated why they are not garnishing his wages. She could also contact the ombudsperson and complain that FRO is failing to garnish his wages.

Your sister needs to do a little work otherwise hes going to get away with it. You cant just file with FRO and expect they will do all the leg work. If she isnt getting her money and hes working then she needs to start asking FRO why!
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