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Default Question: My sisters Ex is in arrears about $16000 and the oldest turns 21 very soon.

My sisters Ex is arrears $16000 for child support and the oldest turns 21 soon.
The big problem is he works for his Father's company and they are a very wealthy family that have hired an expensive lawyer to continually harass my sister for many years since the divorce. The harassment is intensifying I believe because the oldest is about to turn 21 but I am not sure. Her ex is trying all kinds of tricks to get her to sign a motion of change agreement.
My question is if there is some way to put this to an end where this lawyer and and her ex can no longer harass my sister and she can just let Fro deal with it.

edit: He is also asking for the Child support arrears to be no longer owed and for my sister to pay for the legal costs of this expensive lawyer gathered through the years.
Any helpful advice would be much appreciated so we can put all of this behind us.

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