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Originally Posted by mcdreamy View Post
what? lol -- this is what I do for a living. And have for the last 30 years. But always open to some new thoughts, if provided concurrently with relative citations from OBCA or CRA supporting sections/bulletins.

Yep - boss (medical specialist) can no longer "income split" in the old way. While she is a registered RN, she doesn't not practice her 'RN' skills actively (she was doing office work). She was unable to get approval through the provincial legislation to be able to look up online medical records. The only thing he could "write off" would be a commensurate income to office receptionist. So it wasn't worth it.

I should add: In Alberta pharmacists can write prescriptions so it isn't any surprise that there is different provincial legislation. In my boss's situation, in order to be a legit RN (not an RNA) you have a licensing body. In order to be acknowledged by the provincial licensing body you have go go through the hoops (if you are merely a wife at home trying to "income split") to prove that you physically are active in your husband's practice. You have to satisfy the nursing body who then gives the OK and you can then have your "wages" (LOL) deemed legitimate. I don't know the particulars of this as I am not a CA nor am I a RN.

This actually makes sense to me.

Times they are a changing... your clients may have gotten away with it but I know for a fact that my boss couldn't do this anymore...

no I don't have anything to cited from, sorry. Just boss who was advised by his CA to make changes, which he did.

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