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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
arguments to both sides (research CanLii)

your ex is setting himself up to pay child directly perhaps?

Old, often-used, argument has been that you maintain a home with a bedroom for child throughout the year for child to return to on Christmas, Spring and Summer break. When child goes to school support is diverted to child's tuition and expenses with less amount going to custodial parent through the months the child is not present at home. That's what I have gathered from limited reading.. I may be incorrect on this and if I am others are sure to correct me.
He doesn't want to pay it at all. The original wording he proposed was "child support will end when the child reaches the age of majority". I have counter-proposed that the clause should read "will review when the children are 18 years old". He believes he should only have to pay his portion of the section 7 expense. I don't think I will worry too much about what is in the agreement as a) the oldest child isn't 18 for 7 more years and b) it sounds like the law is pretty specific about child support continuing past 18 despite what is in the agreement. I just wondered since it has come up for me recently and it seems I will have to write a clause into the new agreement.
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