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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
nope - if you want to write off your wife in a family medical practice you had better be sure she is a licensed RN or be able to prove she works in some capacity for you. They (CRA) have cracked down on this in a big way. All it takes is an audit or a 3rd party to report this (disgruntled ex wife's bf).

If one wants to "income split" then they had better do it the legal way. My boss learned his lesson. Wife is an RN b.t.w. but no longer works for him..... One takes their chances with these old loop-holes. Always good to check with a CA, particularly when acrimonious divorce/separation is going on. What you do when you are a married couple is one thing but these people are separated.
what? lol -- this is what I do for a living. And have for the last 30 years. But always open to some new thoughts, if provided concurrently with relative citations from OBCA or CRA supporting sections/bulletins.
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