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I was not devastated the marriage ended, it's what he did and how he did it: He took me out for dinner, when we arrived home he stood in the driveway holding an envelope, announced he wasn't coming in, that our marriage was over, he was leaving and he had a house. I stood there in disbelief. I asked him to come inside to discuss the details and he said there was nothing to discuss, handed me the envelope and left.

When I went in the house, all of his possessions were gone. His friends had come in the house and moved him out.

Inside the envelope was a 6 page letter from him (very business like) and a letter from his lawyer. His letter indicated he had cut off my credit cards, and he decided he would put me on his payroll through his office a minimum wage. With that I was to pay all the expenses of our 3000 sq ft home, the car payment, get my own cell plan, the utilities, the taxes, everything. (I quickly went into debt as this was not feasible).

Yes I will have to hire a forensic accountant. He's not "simply contesting the separation date;" he is making up all kinds of lies to convince the court we were living separate and apart until he left, when we were not. It is discouraging that an officer of the court such as he can sign Affidavits that are full of falsehoods.

We keep the kids from knowing the details. I do not speak of him while they are visiting from school. They do know I am having financial difficulty.

You are wrong about a single act of kindness in our situation. I've already done that yet he continues to make my life miserable financially. In fact, at his insistence I sold the matrimonial home needing my half of the value (the house was in my name only) to pay for my new townhouse. He knew that for 5 months yet two weeks before closing he refused to sign the consent of sale demanding all the proceeds be held in trust. My lawyer had to start an application to get a judge to force him to consent, otherwise I would be in breach of contract. He eventually cooperated and my half of the proceeds were released to me on closing; his half still sits in trust.

It is clear he intends to make this difficult so that I do waste money on lawyers to get him to do what he has to do anyway. It's been 18 months and he STILL hasn't given us his income tax returns for the past 3 years.

I am over $56,000 in debt to my father while he bought a new $100,000 Audi. We've never bought new vehicles (always used), so he's got money somewhere.

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