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I'm going to my lawyer's today. We should respond to her refusal of my graduated plan. I would like to move to 2-2-3 which is equal as set below.

Monday pickup at 12pm
Wednesday drop-off at 8am

Friday pick up at 12pm
Monday drop-off at 8am

Wednesday pickup at 12pm
Friday drop-off at 8am

- Exchanges to be done at school

- Use of Our Family Wizard for communication moving forward

Here's what I assume to happen;

- She says no which she has no right to

- But I go over on Monday and she refuses to let our children come with me

- But I go over Friday and she refuses to let our children come with me

- I go over... I should keep going over, no matter what, correct?

I would not be seeing our children this way which I see the big picture of short term pain but long term gain. If she refuses, the denials would be documented.

If she agrees, the positives don't need to be mentioned but first and foremost, I get to be a fully involved father.

I'm not resting on the latter.
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