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Originally Posted by len14 View Post
It mind baffling that someone can be so unhappy that they're setting up a new life and the other spouse has absolutely no idea. To me that indicates that you were both roommates a long time ago. I don't believe for a second that you were completely unaware. Reading your post, you are not a fool and I think that as much as he's playing games, so are you. Too bad because it will impact your children and grandchildren relationship with you both long term.

Likely, the courts will side with you and the lawyers will be the only real winners. But I guess you will get the satisfaction of some extra cash (you don't even know what you're fighting for!) and be vindicated as being the victim - priceless.

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Wow. Judgmental much? I quarantine you I had absolutely no idea what he was planning, nor did our kids. I was fooled and believe me I felt like a fool. We were certainly not in a loving relationship at the time, but we were not combative and carried on our lives as a married couple would. I was devastated and required medical care. What he did was cruel, and unnecessary. He always has been conflict avoidance and didn't have the "cojones" nor decency to end the marriage like a proper man.

There is evidence he was having an affair at the time as well, although I am not 100% certain.

You are correct it will impact our adult children and future grandchildren. Had he not been a total prick, we could have possibly continued to coparent amicably. But I do not see that happening anytime in the near future. And I am not looking for "extra cash" as you say; I am only expecting what the law allows i.e. Equal division of our assets acquired during the marriage. Obviously he is hiding assets, otherwise the date of separation would not be an issue.

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