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Originally Posted by Whoknew View Post
Being a weekend dad is the furthest from what I want. But how do I keep them with me? Not bring them home when it's. My parenting time?

I feel handcuffed right now because she rejected our latest proposal for extended parenting time. A motion is out of the question until our CC which is a minimum 4-5 weeks away.

What can I do now until then? Keep throwing proposals her way to keep showing my interest and her denials?
Originally Posted by Beachnana View Post
You have no agreement and you are the rightful father of these children. Work it out. If you just let things go through the process then You will be the every other weekend Dad.

Who is in the matrimonial home? Who has the kids 90% of the time?

Where does that,leave the other parent?

Nothing says you cannot keep the children, but you. You are at work making a living taking care of your business your children are with Mom and that's where they will stay. That's your status quota.!
You don't have any agreement except for your four week emailed plan which is about to end. Neither of you have any right to dictate where the children should be. It's not a situation where she's the gatekeeper and has final say over what happens, unless you let her.

Right now, you are making suggestions for increasing access and she is saying 'no.' Why let her get away with it? She has no more authority to make the final decision than you do. Reframe it. She is suggesting that nothing change from your four-week plan, and YOU are saying 'no.'

So, yes, tell her that anything other than equal time is unacceptable to you, and you would like her to work with you to come up with a schedule that works for everybody. Meanwhile, you are going to have the children for a FULL weekend next time you pick them up, and so you will return them at X time on Y day. (I recommend Monday morning to set you up for a future where you bring them to school to avoid in person exchanges)

She'll either cave in, or she'll try to get bossy and say no. She'll either have the children ready for their time with you and try to boss you into bringing them back on her schedule, or she'll hide them and deny access. If you get the children, bring them back Monday morning, no matter what she says. If she sends you angry texts or threats, just write back a macro every time that says something like "All is well, enjoy your weekend, see you Monday morning!" If she hides them, document it for your court battle. Lose that one battle, sure, but win the war.

Make sure you have EVERYTHING you need at your house, crib/bed, carseats, clothes, whatever. Don't depend on her.
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