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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
My partners agreement says the same thing. Ex filed a motion for ongoing support for kids final year of university. Lawyer said it would be payable and a judge would absolutely order it plus cs for the months between birthday and graduation. He told us today he has argued cases against the additional year of high school and additional education to cover courses that kids fail--the court will not waiver from a kids right to education or child support because their parents got divorced. He also absolutely agreed the system was messed up and needed change.

Yes but CS was never ended in your partners case. In the OPs case, CS ended and both parents agreed the child was no longer entitled to support. In an ongoing CS case like your partners CS is being issued for an additional year to finish their post secondary, which isn't unreasonable.

OP you haven't stated whether your daughter is staying with your ex or residence while at school.

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