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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
From what his lawyer said, as long as the kid is under 25 and goes back to school, they will be considered a child of the marriage. CS is the right of the child not the parent. If the ex decided to kick her out how would she pay her living expenses?

If the ex decides to kick her out and the other parent didn't take her in then she best get a job and support herself. She is 19 and a legal adult... if both her parents decided not to support her she would be on her own. I personally don't think CS should be paid for adult children, nor should their post secondary be paid for them. In an intact family the parents don't have to support their adult children or pay for their education but in a divorced family parents are forced to.

Don't get me wrong, if parents can assist their children during post secondary school that's great but many young adults put themselves through post secondary because their parents simply can't afford it.

My husbands order states 22 as the cut off for CS or one post secondary diploma. That being said, their mother is really pushing the trades on the kids (which I support trades fully coming from a family of trades people) but when a child is in a trade how does CS for adult children work then? My brother is 24 and finishing up his last 10 weeks of trades school... he has owned his own house for over 2 years... if someone is in a trade and lives at home is CS still payable for adult children until they are 25?

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