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My situation actually shows the stereotype perfectly. I am an elementary school teacher - a typically female dominated job. My ex is a cop - a typically male oriented job. Why is it that we would have a $40,000 discrepancy between us? I certainly had to pay for more schooling to achieve my position. I also work the same hours in a month (or more). Since we've divorced it's been nothing but problems because he doesn't think his hard earned dollars should go to me. He is even fighting currently to write into the new agreement that his kids will be "cut off" from support at the age of 18, full time school or not (he will lose that one). Everything is about money money money.
If my new husband and I were to separate, there'd be no support to me as we make the same amount. Would probably alleviate a lot of grief.
As for the baseline being 50/50. Sure, this is great and I think it should absolutely be the norm. My problem is with these guys who think they can just come into the picture years later and demand an equal relationship all of a sudden to reduce support. This is exactly what happened in my case. He blows into the scene, demands more time, threatens court and walks away with a 2% increase in time and $5000 less per year to pay in support. Mission accomplished for him!
Is it fair? Not to me.
Perhaps if a guy isn't willing to take on his kids half the time right from the start, the penalty should be full table support. Then he'd be coming for his kids later for the right reasons.

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