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Too bad more fathers didn't want to be involved 50% of the time (at the least) prior to separation. Absentee (previously non-involved) parents who miraculously want to become involved in their children's lives, immediately upon separation, raise my suspicions. Hard to be convinced whether or not it's for purely financial reasons or if a light-bulb comes on and they realize the errors of their ways in the past for not spending any time with children. I think this is what gets many women's goat. "The SOB couldn't bother his ass to show up before midnight all those years and now he wants to be super-dad." Then, when father does get 50/50, one finds out that he really isn't spending any more time with the children he just has a new g/f/slave to step into the ex-wife's role as primary caregiver in his absence. Often kids don't like this because the new arrangement forces them to be with a stranger (non-parent) along with that person's children. Dad doesn't care. It just works into his work schedule and he doesn't have to pay as much child support.

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