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I didn't say gender inequality doesn't exist. Just not to the scale that some make out.

The good news is a substantial amount of money is being put in to it by our government, which again illustrates how much support individuals have these days to get up on their feet. It's just not the same as the past. Status of Women Canada
Policy on Gender Equality

I'll admit that I haven't studied feminism and/or gender equality.

My issue in this thread are comments that make it sound as if father's shouldn't pursue a 50/50 relationship with their kids, like referring to the kids as pieces of pie. Studies and stats show that these pieces of pie fare better when two loving, involved parents are there as much as possible.

Pursuing an equal relationship with your child should be encouraged and posters like enscrolled have some very ignorant views on the matter.

And I seriously laughed out loud when you suggested that all of us trucking back to the workforce once the kids are in school.
Enscrolled, perhaps you should go read the resources I provided outlining all of the support and services offered to women in every crevasse of life. Including leadership skills to create their own future:
“We welcome the Government of Canada's support for this initiative. It is going to make a big difference by allowing young women to gain and use the leadership skills that they need to create their own futures, and continue to develop as valued community leaders.”

Heather Barnabe
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
You can laugh all you want but returning to the workforce when your children have began school and the house is empty .. is quite rational and normal.

In life there is a myriad of choices. You can choose to put your hard feelings for your ex aside and put your kids first .. or you can complain about rainboots and rant all day about small things.

Yes, more father's are fighting for equal relationships with their children. Some deserving, some not, yet not all mothers deserve their children either.

When the smoke clears the point is that the literature and the caselaw illustrates that "in general" when both parents are involved as much as possible and work as business partners for their kids, the kids fare better. I hope this isn't news to you enscrolled.

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