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i'll throw my 2 cents in.

Once my son was independent/out of school I decided to groove my golf game and took lessons, golfed competitively. I was a low-handicapped golfer and was fortunate to be a shareholder in an exclusive club. I observed, over a ten year period, how couples with 6+ 7+incomes lived. The men, those hard working guys, typically took clients out 5 or 6 times a week to golf and wine and dine. This would go on for not just 5 hours but into the late night (I usually returned to the club later in the day or early evening for lessons.). Meanwhile, the wives were up early to take kids to school, might fit in a 9-holes (2 hrs) and quick early lunch afterwards. They couldn't dawdle as they had to go pick up the kids and schlep the kids to lessons or whatever. Often the wives had jobs as well. Even though they were very wealthy, not all employed housekeepers. Most, if not all, had to do the shopping for the family. Evenings were spent doing homework or participating in children's activities. I know this because I couldn't get many to volunteer on golf-related things. Yes they lived in mansions and drove nice cars. The men had it super easy in comparison to the women they married. Men came home to spotless homes, children excelling in their school and sports and, of course, beautiful wives.

Most of the women had careers prior to marriage. They abandoned their careers to raise families together with their husbands.

These women, after years of being out of the workforce, are certainly not able to pick up their careers and make the same income as the colleagues they once worked with. Not a chance.

In wealthy marriages the wife is usually compensated. What happens in a situation where there aren't stock options and cottages and homes in the US to divide up? Poverty. Men continue on and women are left at the mercy of their children. This is the reality of things.

Often when men replace their wives for a newer model the new model is much younger... sometimes the new model comes with her own children and often the new model and the older man start a new family. What happens to the discarded wife?

This too is very much a reality that many women face today.

Oh and I forgot to add: Most of these women either worked and put their husbands through university or they toiled away in the family business at the same time as looking after the home and children. Some actually had inheritances and financed their husband's businesses. Success was a joint-venture. These women certainly weren't slackers.

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