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Originally Posted by Ange71727 View Post
My two cents is that sometimes women have a lot to be disgruntled over. It's true that we are still a long way away from true equality. I make about 40 grand less per year than my ex and I have 4 years of university and he has none. I honestly can't even see what his job requires that is any more difficult/taxing/important than mine, yet that's the salary difference. I also took the hit on my pension when I stayed home on mat leaves. He did very, very, very little to contribute to family life in the early days of children, preferring to work overtime daily and bank those hours even though I made it known to him that his family would rather have him at home instead of making money to afford his car collection. I ran the whole operation at home but that's unfortunately not often looked upon as a valuable contribution because it's not necessarily measurable in dollars. Do I think that after divorce I deserve to live an "equalized" lifestyle as I afforded before? You bet your ass I do. But I'd bet there are guys on here who think I shouldn't be collecting full table support when I remarried and have a dual income household. My poor ex with his six figures salary who can't afford his cars anymore....
The system is never going to get better if we have such wage disparity and repercussions for women to either stay at home with the kids or work full time. We need more feminist dads!!

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Your comparing apples to oranges. You didn't state what occupations your in, but based on the educational differences, I'll take a wild guess and say your not even in the same field in terms of jobs... You can't take two people in different jobs, find an income difference, and then cry inequality.

For the rest of your complaints about having had to stay at home, the same thing applies to you, as is stated to any guy who complains about a wife who never went back to work. You chose him, you married him, you stayed with him as long as you did, it's self inflicted.