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Originally Posted by Soiled View Post
These are honestly some of the weakest arguments against 50/50 custody I've ever read, and the idea that you're able to make them and be serious about it, is troubling.
Where did I say I was against 50-50?

(spoiler: nowhere)

I am against cookie-cutter parenting plans that don't take into account things like, say, long commutes all because it is 'fair' for the parents. Kids are not a pie to be divided in half just because an adults can't let their ego consider of any other scenario.

I am also pointing out (rightly) that LF keeps on harping on 'equality' when he doesn't actually believe in equality or believe for any actual societal changes that would make real, tangible differences in promoting women's active participation in the workforce. All of his posts are tactical ('judges love it when you X, Y and Z!!') and anecdotal ('My grandma! My daughter!' etc). Call me when he canvasses for a female candidate or opens a daycare with subsidised spots.