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Originally Posted by LovingFather32 View Post
The Right of first refusal clauses are more complex and intricate than that.

Support systems, (such as my mom and g/f) are highly regarded in family court. No offense but all mothers should be out in the workforce also when the kids are in school....which would necessitate support at times also. They wont always run to dad...its no problem to have a support system on your time.

I talk about children's rights to have equal relationships with both parents.

It has been noted by many justices in many cases that denying access to a loving parent is tantamount to child abuse...and I agree.

No, I'm not going to fight the feminists fight for them (to answer your question). But I will encourage parents to involve the other parent as much as humanly possible in the kids life if circumstances are right .. because that's what's best for the kids in a majority of the situations.

More should follow suit.
You're not answering the questions.

I said if one parent is available on a higher % than the other, for whatever reason, does it not make sense for the child(ren) to have more consistent care with that parent? I'm not asking you what the courts say, I'm asking you what makes sense and what is reasonable.

Also? This

No, I'm not going to fight the feminists fight for them (to answer your question).
is absurd.

You realise it's because of feminism that 50-50, change tables in men's bathrooms, parental (not maternity) leave exists, right? You realise that women cannot do this fight alone and that we have a long way to go before 'equality' (in family law, or elsewhere) is achieved? If you're going to sit on your hands and pine for 'the childrun!!!' when arguing your case you are missing the entire reason how we got here in the first place?

And I seriously laughed out loud when you suggested that all of us trucking back to the workforce once the kids are in school. Study after study has shown that re-entering the workforce after years away doesn't give you anywhere near the same salary, position or network you had before you left and those things can take years to build back up (if you're lucky).
Whatever you're smoking, please pass it along. I wish I lived in the fantasy world you seem to think women are both the problem and solution to.