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You pay full CS to the mother while the child is in school full-time (so for the next year). That covers her food, clothing, bus fare, living expenses, etc, as it did when she was a child who could not support herself. She is not expected to support herself right now as she is supposed to devote herself to her education.

Your child pays 1/3 of her tuition and books and school fees. You and your ex divide the remaining 2/3 via your s7 proportional share.

Your child's share comes from her savings, her meagre income, her OSAP grants, whatever.

If your ex doesn't pay your child anything for her proportional share of the 2/3 remaining, that's between her and your child. Presumably she'll be able to afford something since you are now paying full CS again. If she hogs the money, hopefully this will open the child's eyes to how her mother is using her.

Pay your share to the child directly, if possible. She needs to learn to budget, be responsible for bills and loans, etc.

The information you need is your child's total tuition fees and her books cost, and your ex's income for the last year. If they choose not to provide statements, receipts and tax return, don't pay anything at all. Just the CS, since your income is all you need to calculate that part.

You'll have to do some retroactive calculations for the time she's already been in school.

When you have an unreasonable ex, don't deviate from law.

Also, take an interest in your child, how she's doing in her classes, etc. It doesn't sound like you have much of a relationship if you didn't know she was planning to go to school again. You definitely want to be in the loop enough to know if she drops out, too.

Lastly, be wary of the child possibly jumping from program to program just to keep the CS flowing. If you're not involved in any discussion about how she hates her program and wants to try something else, you shouldn't be on the hook for continuing to pay.
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